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Vintage Components - Atom French-threaded freewheels

On this page: 6-speed Atom 77 Compact 13-28 | 5-speed Atom 14-26
Atom English-threaded freewheels are posted here.

Important: Do Not try to mount a French-threaded freewheel on an British or Italian-threaded hub. It will start, but as it is screwed on it will bind and destroy the threads. Also, do not mount a British or Italian threaded freewheel on a French-threaded hub. It will screw on, but then slip under load.

French Freewheel threading: 34.7 x 1mm (1.366" x 25.4 TPI)
British freewheel threading: 1.37" x 24 tpi

Atom, a French component maker, produced very high-quality freewheels from the 1960s into the 1980s. Since they came on many inexpensive French bike-boom bikes, in the U.S. it was generally thought they were not as fine as other brands, such as Regina.

Riders who did use them for serious cycling found they were probably the most rugged, reliable freewheels available. And, they shifted quite well (this was the friction era).

There is a lot of compatibility between Atom and Regina cogs.

The cogs were usually black, but there was an occasional silver Atom freewheel.

6-speed 13-28 Atom 77 French-threaded compact freewheel. Used, $60.00

Atom French-threaded freewheel

Top view

Atom freewheel

From the back. Note the "French" stamping on the body.

5-speed 14-26 Atom Bte SGDG French-threaded freewheel. Used, $60.00

We have two in stock

Atom 5-speed French freewheel

Top view

atom french threaed freewheel

And from the back