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Vintage Components - Shimano MF-Z012 & UG Freewheels

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5-speed MF Z012:
6-speed MF-Z012:
13-24 | 13-26
6-speed UG: 14-34

Despite their industrial-sounding name, MF-Z012 were well-made freewheels, equipped with cogs made for freewheels higher up the Shimano line. They are index freewheels.

Shimano MF-Z012 5-speed 14-32 freewheel. Used, $40.00

Shimano MF-Z012 14-32 freewheel

Lightly used.

Shimano 14-32 freewheel

And from the back.

Shimano MF-Z012 6-speed 13-24 freewheel. Used, $40.00

Shimano 6-speed 14-24 freewheel

Top view. Wonderful condition

shimano freewheel

And here's the freewheel flipped over.

Shimano MF-Z012 6-speed 13-26 freewheel. Used, $40.00

Shiano freewheel

Indexable, 6-speed, and reasonably priced.

Shimano 6-speed freewheel

And here it is flipped over.

Shimano UG 6-speed 14-34 freewheel. Used, $40.00

This freewheel is in the same class as the MF-Z012 model, so we listed it here.

Shimano UG 6-speed 14-34 freewheel

Top view

Shimano UG freewheel

This freewheel will give you the gear you need to get up the hills.