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Campagnolo modern Chorus bicycle headsets

Campagnolo Chorus headset parts on this page: 1" threadless | 1" threaded headset

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Campagnolo Chorus 1" threadless headset. New, $150.00

Part# 33198

Campagnolo part# HS00-CHTH

Campagnolo Chorus headset

All new and all there

Campagnolo Chorus headset


Chorus headset

And it will come with bearings, of course. Campagnolo bearings.

Campagnolo Chorus 1" English threaded headset. Used, $110.00

Part# HD-02

This 1" alloy headset has English threads, 1" x 24 tpi

We date this headset to about 1996. The bearings feel very smooth. There are some wrench-flat nicks, but in general, this headset is in excellent condition.

Campagnolo Chorus headset

Perfect for the mid-'90s restoration project.