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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Road Pedals

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Campagnolo Record Steel Cage Pedals with toe strap loop (Campagnolo part no. 1037) Used $150.00

Given the toe strap loops and steel dust caps, we date these beautiful pedals to about 1964. Later versions eliminated the toe strap loop and had plastic dust caps.

The bearings in these pedals feel very good. There is a little rust on the cages and dust covers.

Campagnolo Record pedals

Classic Campagnolo pedals

Campagnolo record pedals

Another view. The cages are tapped for toe clips. These are the original Campagnolo toe-clip bolts.

Campagnolo pedals

Bottoms of the pedals. Their excellent condition can be clearly seen.

Campagnolo Record Steel Cage Pedals with toe strap loop (Campagnolo part no. 1037). Used $100.00

Given the toe strap loops and steel dust caps, we date these pedals to the mid-1960s. Later versions eliminated the toe strap loop and had plastic dust caps.

There is rust on the cages and dust covers. The pedals feel like they would benefit from a bearing overhaul.

Campagnolo Record pedals

Classic Campagnolo design.

Pedal bottoms

The pedal undersides

Campagnolo Record pedal

Detail shot showing the worst of the rust

Campagnolo Record Steel Cage Pedals (Campagnolo part no. 1037) Used $75.00

We date these pedals to the late 1960s-early 1970s. They do not have the pedal strap loop and steel dust covers of the mid-1960's and earlier steel record pedals.

The bearing feels very fine. There is some corrosion on the outside of the cage, where the pedals probably got clipped rounding corners.

Campagnolo steel pedals

Top view of Campagnolo 1037 steel pedals

Campagnolo steel record pedals

Bottom view of the classic pedals

Campagnolo record 1037 pedals

End view showing the corrosion.

Campagnolo Record Strada Superleggeri pedals (Campagnolo part no. 1037/a) Used $100.00

Campagnolo introduced its light alloy Record Superlight ("Superleggeri" in Italian, or often known as "SL") pedals in 1971 and produced them through 1987. With their black anodized aluminum cages, they were usually called "Campy Blacks".

Campagnolo pedals with black alloy cages and steel spindles, like this pair, are not "Super Record". Super Record pedals, made about the same time, have titanium axles. Heightening the confusion, steel-axled SL pedals and steel bottom brackets (instead of titanium) were often included in "Reduced Super Record Groups". Using steel-axled pedals added just 150 grams to the group and significantly reduced the group's price.

We estimate production of this pair to the mid to late-1970s. The first run of Campy Blacks had the part number stamped on the pedal body center section. Our pair does not.

These pedals have just been overhauled and the bearings feel beautifully smooth. The "kick tabs" on the backs of the pedals have been filed off.

Campagnolo SL pedals

Freshly overhauled and in lovely condition

Campagnolo superlight pedals

The back sides of the pedals

Pedal bottoms

The pedal bottoms look great. Looks like no one clipped a pedal pedaling around a corner.

Campagnolo Record Superleggeri Track Pedals. Used $75.00

In cycling's days of yore, it was not an uncommon practice to convert Campagnolo road pedals to track use by removing the side quills, which was done with the pair pictured here.

The bearings feel great. The (replaceable) left dust cover has taken a beating, but the pedals are otherwise in great condition.

Campagnolo track pedals

Top, front view

Campagnolo track pedals

Top, back view

Campagnolo track pedals

The pedal bottoms, showing the scuffing.

Campagnolo track pedals

Close-up of the back of one of the pedals.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals. used $100.00

Campagnolo part number 3700

Campagnolo produced this economical, but excellent, pedal set from the mid-1970s into the early 1980s. The Gran Sport group, which sat below Nuovo Record, was replaced in 1984-85 with the Victory and Triomphe groups.

The pair of pedals weighs about 330 grams. Like the classic Record black superlight, they have aluminum cages and lightweight plastic dust covers.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals

You can spot a set of Campagnolo pedals from a mile away.

Campagnolo Gran Sort pedals

Bottom view. They are in great condition.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals

End view of one of the pedals. There are scratches. Not unexpected on pedals.