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Vintage Components - Campagnlo Classic Record & Super Record seat posts

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Campagnolo Record 27.2 seat post pantographed (engraved) "Coppi". Used, $170.00

Part# SP-01

Permit us to digress a bit. Fausto Coppi was one of the greatest bicycle racers to ever turn a pedal in anger. Though his career was interrupted by the Second World War, he still won the Giro d'Italia five times, the Tour de France twice and the World Championship in 1953. Toss in Milano-San Remo, Paris-Roubaix, Tour of Lombardy and four Italian championships plus the World Hour Record and the reader will understand our near-worship of this great rider.

Sadly, Coppi died of Malaria in 1960.

Fausto Coppi

Fausto Coppi in the 1949 Tour de France

Coppi was from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. When he wanted to have "Coppi" bikes made, he didn't have to look very far to fine a builder worthy of his name. The Fiorelli brothers had been building bikes in nearby Novi Ligure since 1950 and had established a reputation for making fine bicycles. Like many Italian builders, they also made bikes for other companies and so making "Coppi" bikes was hardly a reach. In addition, during the 1970s they built much of the high end of the Maserati bike line.

The Fiorelli shop was closed in 1990 and the contract to build Coppi bikes (managed by the Coppi family) was moved to the Masciaghi shop which continues to build Coppi bikes, now in carbon fiber, aluminum and steel.

Our seat post here was made for a high-end Fiorelli-made steel Coppi bike. We're estimating that this post dates to the mid-1970s. And you don't need a Coppi bike to have a post with the name of one of cycling's great riders. This will look great on the bike of any lover of cycling history.

Fausto Coppi post

The post is fluted and engraved with Coppi's name and has the crest on the front of the post

Fausto Coppi seat post

And from the side

Coppi seat post

The bottom-back of the post was scratched by the keyway. We've polished most of the them out, but they are still there.

Campagnolo Super Record 27.2 seat post. $160.00

The first Campagnolo Super-Record components, produced in the mid-1970s, were things of beauty. This fluted 27.2 post from the 1970s, in wonderful condition, proves it.

Campagnolo Super Record 27.2 seat post

Simple, perfect design

Campagnolo super Record Seat post

Side view

Campagnolo 27.2 seat post


Campagnolo Nuovo Record 27.2 seat post. $65.00

Campagnolo produced this model, part Campagnolo Number 1044, from 1969 into sometime in the 1980s. Campagnolo had been making a two-bolt post much like the Nuovo Record model pictured below since 1957. But this is the famous one.

This post has a minimum insertion mark, which was introduced in 1973. Ours in in excellent condition and will complement any serious bike restoration project. And if you are fussy about your seat angle, this is the only post to use.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record seat post

A Nuovo Record seat post comes in around 310 grams, give or take a bit.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record seat post

The decades have been very kind to the wonderful piece of Italian engineering.

Campagnolo nuovo record seatpost

And of course, it has the Campagnolo world logo engraved.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record 27.2 seat post. $50.00

Campagnolo part number 1044. This post has a minimum insertion mark, meaning it was made sometime between 1973 and the mid-1980s. It also has a lightly engraved driver's licence number near the top of the post. It barely shows.

Campagnolo 27.2 seat post

A Campagnolo Nuovo Record post allows for perfect saddle angle adjustment. The driver's license number can be seen just above and to the left of the Campagnolo trademark.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record seat post

All the hardware is in excellent condition

Campagnolo seat post

Another view of the post hardware