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June 15, 2017: Closing the storefront, but staying in business

Shop owner Michael Wolfe was diagnosed with a recurrence of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in June. On these pages he has been chronicling both his treatment and his life on the bike and in the shop.

On this page: June 3: Closing the storefront, but we're still in the bike business; a 2014 story about South Salem Cycleworks in the Statesman-Journal

Posts about riding, Lymphoma Therapy and the bicycle business

Note: While we don't have our shop on Liberty Road , we remain very much in the bike businees, with a giant inventory of vintage and modern components, frames and bikes available on-line.

June 3: The Salem Statesman-Journal not only told about my closing the shop's storefront, the paper summed my life riding, advocating and selling bikes in Salem. It has been a joy. You can read the Statesman-Journal story here or download the publisher's PDF here and scroll down to page 22.

June: The Salem Business Journal was kind enough to write a story about our storefront closure. For the full story click here.

Michael Wolfe

Picture of Michael Wolfe from the Salem Business Journal story.

Also: Salem Breakfast on Bikes blog posted this kindly report:

Long-time advocate and bike shop owner Michael Wolfe is retiring and closing South Salem Cycleworks.
In a message on the shop's website, Wolfe says

I’m retiring and closing the shop, effective the 31st of May....
We have offered rentals in the form of XC-skis, snowshoes, bicycles, tandems, and kid’s trailers for nearly 30 years. I don’t hesitate to say we’ve been the major player in rentals during this period of time, and paying the insurance premium for that as well. I hope someone steps up and carries that forward for tourists, or just folks out for a lark.

We’ll be offering our rentals for sale at very discounted prices, along with much of the store’s inventory of new parts and bikes. More exotic items will not be reduced, but will continue to be available via the shop’s gallery on this website.

I’ll miss my regular customers, many of which have enjoyed their free lifetime tune-ups, as well as introducing new riders to the sport. But I’ll also enjoy telling, instead of listening to, tales of riding, whether locally or more exotic locations.

I hope to see you on the road...

South Salem Cycleworks, near the corner of Liberty and Browning, has been the only major shop outside of the downtown core and, at least until the Hub came and focused totally on reusing and recycling old bikes, might have been the most deeply green. They never had dumpster service, and Marion County featured them in press about the EarthWISE program. In 2015 the shop won "Recycler of the Year" at the Mid-Valley Green Awards.
Wolfe has also been President of the Salem Bicycle Club, as well as an important advocate locally and at the State level and with ODOT for bicycling and sustainable transportation.

Though he does not talk about advocacy in the notice about his retirement, it's possible he's ready to retire from this also.

You can read the entire post here

And here's a nice profile the Statesman-Journal published in April of 2014:

Michael Wolfe wanted to visit the zoo.

The only problem for the fourth grader living in Nipomo, Calif., was that it was 10 miles away in Santa Maria, and he didn't want to ask his parents to drive.

So he rounded up a crew of his cousins, jumped on his red Steyr Austria 3-speed bicycle and made the long ride.

"We took the back roads, because we didn't want to get caught by my parents or family," Wolfe said. "It was an adventure. Bikes have always been a means of independent transportation for me."

The episode was the beginning of a lifetime spent on two wheels. As a rider, mechanic and small business owner, Wolfe has carved out his independence on the seat of well-crafted bicycles.

For the past 21 years, he's been the "owner, president and janitor" of South Salem Cycleworks, a small business off Liberty Road packed from floor to ceiling with bikes and bike parts, surrounded by a vast collection of books, tools and every cycling-related accessory you could imagine.

You can read the entire story here.