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Torelli 20th Anniversary Bikes and Frames, new old stock and beautiful used frames

Torelli was started in 1981 by Bill and Carol McGann. From the start, they were dedicated to importing the finest bikes, frames and equipment. Until the era of carbon fiber began in the early 2000s, all of their frames and bikes were built in in small shops in northern Italy. With rare exception, the top end frames were built in the Mondonico shop in Concorezzo, just outside Milan.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, in 2001 Torelli had 100 special commemorative frames built. Each one was made for a specific customer, either for a shop or retail client. There was never any inventory of 20th Anniversary frames in Torelli's warehouse. Special decals were commissioned and each frame was numbered. All 100 frames were sold. With the exception of the special 650 wheel frames, all were built by Mondonico.

We have a few of these Torelli 20th Anniversary frames. They are steel frames and possess a beauty and quality of ride that only the Italian masters can bring to their art.

If you want to know more About the Mondonico shop, here's a photo gallery and history of this remarkable framebuilding shop

Frames on this page, by size: 46cm | 54cm | 55.5cm | 58cm | 60cm

We have more Torelli frame and bikes listed on other pages

Torelli frames and bikes
Torelli Gran Sasso complete bike with Mirage triple groupset, 50 cm and 62cm

Frames on this page are posted in size order, smallest to largest.

46 cm Torelli 20th Anniversary Genius bike, built with 650c wheels.
Number 47 of 100. 47 cm seat tube, 49 cm top tube
Complete bike, very lightly used, $4,000

Built with Columbus Genius tubing and a Reynolds Ouzo Pro carbon fork.

The beauty of using 650 wheels is it allows a shorter top tube and shorter seat tube. Also, the bottom bracket is not too high, giving a proper center of gravity for good handling and lower top tube for a comfortable bike. Overall, this means a better fit for a smaller rider.

This frame was built in a small shop in Veneto (the Italian region containing Venice).

Custom 650 wheels built with Torelli Modular sealed-bearing hubs laced on to Mavic Open Pro rims
TA crankarms (165mm) with Stronglight chainrings, fitted to a Phil Wood sealed bottom bracket
Mavic brake calipers with leaf springs. These calipers are perfect for riders with short fingers. Superb modulation.
Campagnolo Chorus shift levers & derailleurs
Stronglight O'Light sealed headset
3T women's-specific Eva bars, 3T Mutant stem
Thompson aluminum seat post
San Marco saddle

Torelli 650 20th Anniversary bike

Note the TA triple crankset and wide range rear cluster

650 Torelli frame

A view of the seat tube and rear triangle. The Columbus Genius decal is near the bottom bracket and the 20th anniversary number 47 is near the seat cluster.

650 Torelli frame

Front view showing carbon forks that have been painted to match frame and special wheel built with Torelli Modular Hubs.

Torelli 20th anniversary bike

Another view of the front end of the bike.

Torelli 650 20th heade tube

This shows the special commemorative head tube decal, the Mavic brake calipers and the 3T Eva handlebars

54 cm Torelli 20th Anniversary Columbus Nemo complete Campagnolo Record-equipped bike.
Number 92 of 100, signed by Mondonico. 54cm seat tube x 54cm top tube. Lightly used, $6,000.00

Campagnolo Record Gruppo
Torelli modular hubs laced on to Torelli Triumph balanced rims
Cinelli XA quill stem and Contact bar
Salsa skewers
Easton EC 90 carbon seat post
Avocet O2 saddle with Titanium rails
Chris King headset, specially ordered with red/green interfaces.

Torelli 54 cm 20th anniversary bike

Note this bike has generous chrome and special 20th limited edition red and green chain rings

Torelli 20th top tube

Photo shows Antonio Mondonico's signature on the top tube and the special decal noting this frame is number 92 of 100

Front view

Front view showing Torelli Modular Hub and radial front-wheel spoking

Torelli 20th anniversary

See, even the skewer and hub are red and green

Torelli 20yth anniversary

Detail shot of the special engraved bottom bracket shell and the Columbus Nemo tubing decal

55.5cm Torelli 20th Anniversary frameset, number 20/100. Frame & fork $2,500, Complete bike $5,000
55.5cm seat tube x 56cm top tube
Columbus Foco tubing.
Built with Campagnolo 10-speed Record. Component exceptions are noted in the photos

This frameset was built legendary builder Antonio Mondonico specially for Bill McGann, then owner of Torelli Imports. At the time Torelli Imports was Mondonico's sole customer. In addition, the McGann and Mondonico families were close friends and even took vacations together.

McGann asked Signor Mondonico to built him something magical, to build him a rider's "Durindana". In Italian literature "Durindana" is the legendary sword of Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando in "Orlando Furioso". In English, we know this sword as Roland's Durendel. In the "Song of Roland", Roland is Charlemagne's brave knight who dies in the battle of Roncevaux, wielding his magical Durendel.

Mondonico did indeed build "Durindana" for McGann and the name can be seen on the top tube.

This bike is lightly used and is being sold only because health concerns prevent McGann's properly enjoying this wonderful piece of the framebuilder's art. A bike this good should be ridden.

Torelli 55.5cm 20th bike

The bike is finished in the full Italian Tricolor with generous chrome. Stronglight made special commemorative red and green chainrings for the 20th Anniversary bikes.

Torelli frameset

Front view. The headset is a Torelli roller-bearing headset. Note the red/white/green cable housing and handlebar tape.

Torelli frameset

Close-up of the seat cluster and the special 20th anniversary decal. It is number 20. It is also stamped "20" on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell.

Torelli seat tube

Another view of the seat tube.

Campagnolo crankset

Campagnolo Record 172.5 cranks with special Stronglight commemorative 39-53 chainrings.

Torelli pedals

Of course, Torelli Look-compatible clipless pedals.

Torelli saddle

The Torelli-embroidered Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle pre-dates the bike. This is about the most comfortable saddle ever made. You can see the Torelli modular red/green sealed-bearing rear hub. The front hub is a Campagnolo Record hub.

Torelli seat post

The seat post is a pantographed Campagnolo Chorus post. The point of the seat lug on the front of down tube has the paint worn off from a Silca frame-fit pump.

Torelli 29th anniversary frame

The bottom bracket was specially engraved. There are a few paint nicks, such as the one on the downtube. There are also a few places on the seat tube the frame-fit pump has worn slightly that don't show in photos.

58cm Torelli 20th Anniversary bicycle, frameset number 2/100. barely used, complete bike $3,000
58cm seat tube x 58.5cm top tube. Built with Columbus EL-OS. Signed by builder Antonio Mondonico

Groupset is nearly all Campagnolo Chorus 10-speed.

This bike has less than 50 miles on it. It does have a little rust under the paint on the seat tube's drive side. Otherwise, it is nearly new.


Torelli 58cm 20th anniversary bike

A lovely bike that has been ridden less than 50 miles

Torelli 20th anniversary bike

The special numbered decal showing this is number 2 of 100 made.

Torelli 58 cm el-os

And this frame does have all the special commemorative 20th anniversary graphics.

Torelli 58 cm

Looking down the seat tube showing the chain keeper that keeps the chain from dropping off the inner ring and on to the bottom bracket as well as the Columbus EL-OS tubing sticker.

Torelli 20th anniversary bike

Detail shot of a wheel showing the Torelli Triumph machined side-wall rim, alternating red & green spoke nipples and double-butted spokes. Nice!

Torelli EL Os

This bike has the gears to get you up the hills. Note the Torelli Modular sealed-bearing hub.

Torelli 20th anniversary frame

The seat stays are fillet-brazed to the seat lug.

Torelli 20th anniversary bike

Close-up of the corrosion under the drive-side seat-tube decal.

Chorus brake lever

This bike is primarily built with Campagnolo Chorus 10-speed.

Chorus caliper

And Chorus brakes make wonderful stoppers.

Torelli Bormio saddle

And the perfect saddle. A tricolor Torelli Bormio saddle with hollow titanium rails. The Bormio saddle uses a special suspension system to give a more comfortable ride.

Torelli stem

A reversible (you can flip it to give greater drop) Torelli Bormio hollow stem.

60 cm Torelli 20th Anniversary frameset signed number 99/100.
60cm seat tune x 58cm top tube with tricolor paint.
Columbus Nivachrome Nemo 7-4-7 tubing. Available as frameset ($2,999) or complete bike (price according to customer's equipment wishes).

Torelli 20th Anniversary bike

Complete bike with Campagnolo Chorus

@0th head tube

Head tube showing signatures of Antonio and Mauro Mondonico

Seat tbe detail

Seat tube detail showing special 20th Anniversary engraved lug

Seat tube detail

Seat tube front showing numbered 20th Anniversary certification decal