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Torelli Bikes and Frames, new old stock and beautiful used frames

We have a few new Torelli frames built by Antonio and Mauro Mondonico in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These frames were built by the masters in their small shop in Concrezzo, Italy. These are steel frames with an extraordinary ride that possess a beauty that only Italian master can bring to their art.

Here's a photo gallery and history of this remarkable framebuilding shop

Torelli Frames posted on this page: 54cm Corsa Strada | 54 cm Torelli Countach| Bill McGann's 55.5cm EL-OS Nitro Express | 60cm Nitro Express EL-OS | 62cm Torelli Countach

Torelli 20th Anniversary bike and frames are posted here

Torelli Gran Sasso complete bike: with Mirage triple groupset, 50 cm and 62cm

Torelli 54 cm Corsa Strada Tricolore

54cm seat tube x 55cm top tube
Columbus Zona steel tubing
Italian paint
Frame only: $800. We have lots of fork options. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

Torelli corsa strada

The frame's Italian tricolor paint makes for a striking, special-looking bike

Torelli Corsa Strada

Head tube shows the reinforcing rings brazed on to the top and the bottom of the head tube.

Torelli Corsa Strada

View of the bottom bracket. Note the frame uses an investment-cast bottom bracket shell, though the rest of the frame is TIG-welded. The Columbus Zona tubing decal can be seen as well.

Torelli Corsa Strada

Viewing down the top tube, showing the lovely complexity of the paint work

Torelli 54 cm Countach OS complete bike

54cm seat tube x 54.5cm top tube

This is simply a superb, hand-built Italian frame mounted with a stunning set of components.

This Torelli Countach was TIG-welded using Torelli's proprietary Columbus Nemo 747 tubing. The paint is Dupont Imron, applied in the U.S. by famed paint shop The Cyclesmiths. All Torelli frames undergo a thorough pre-assembly preparation. All the threads are cleaned using Campagnolo-made tools and the alignment is checked, both before and after painting, on a Marchetti+Lange alignment table.

The derailleurs and 32-hole hubs are Centaur grey. Cranks are Campagnolo Record 172.5 triple, 30/40/50, mounted to a Campagnolo Chorus bottom bracket.

Complete bike as shown without pedals: $4,000

Tourelli 54-cm Countach

This Countach comes with wide-range gearing and fenders. Go anywhere and enjoy getting there. That's an Avocet O2 Titanium saddle. Cages are Elite Gel SS.

Torelli Countach

The wheels are hand-built using 32-hole Torelli Triumph rimes. The rims are not only balanced at the factory, the sidewalls are machined for superb, controlled braking. The spoke & nipples are DT Revolution. Tires are Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp. Protecting the tubes are Rox SuperDutE rim strips.

Torelli Countach

Front view showing the 3T Mutant stem connected to a Cinelli Nerve handlebar. Those are carbon-fiber Campagnolo Chorus ergopower levers and an Easton EC 70 carbon seat post

Torelli Countach

Back view, showing the raised stem for more comfortable riding. That's a Stronglight O'Light headset.

Rear Countach wheel

Rear wheel. Note investment-cast rear dropout. No shortcuts here.

Torelli 55.5 cm Nitro Express built by Antonio Mondonico for Torelli founder Bill McGann

This frame was built in the early 1990s by Antonio Mondonico for his best customer, Bill McGann, founder of Torelli Imports. That is why the frame has a 55.5 cm seat tube. Mr. Mondonico wanted this bike to be perfect for McGann.

McGann so loved this frame he nicknamed it "The Baby". It has a 55.5 cm seat tube and 56 cm top tube and is built with Columbus EL-OS tubing. A look at the photos will show that this extraordinary example of the framebuilder's art is in lovely condition.

Since health considerations prevent Mr. McGann from properly enjoying this frame, he felt a bike this extraordinary frameset should be owned by someone who can give it the miles it deserves.

We are offering the frame, fork and headset for $1,200.

Torelli 55.5 cm notro express

The frame was built in Italy by Antonio Mondonico and painted in the U.S. with Dupont Impron

Torelli 55.5 cm Nitro Express

The bike's paint and chrome is in excellent condition

55.5 cm Torelli Nitro Express

A view of the Nitro Express' rear triangle

Torelli 60 cm EL-OS Nitro Express
60cm seat tube x 59cm top tube
Frame $2,079, fork $299
Torelli 60 cm ELOS framset

60 cm Torelli EL-OS Nitro Express

Torelli EL-OS seat tube

Seat tube detail showing EL-OS seat tube decal

Torelli Nitro Express

Torelli Nitro Express showing lugless fillet-brazed fast-back seat stay attachment. Beautiful!

Torelli TIG Countach, 62 cm
Frame only, 62cm seat tube, 60cm top tube, $1,250
This late-generation Torelli Countach was TIG-welded in Italy. While most Countach frames were made from Torelli/Columbus 747 tubing, the 62s were made with Columbus Zona Nivacrome tubing to keep the ride quality high, with the thin section of the tubes drawn to 0.5mm.

We have lots of forks, both steel and carbon, in stock to go with this frame.

Torelli 62 cm Countach

Built in Italy and painted in the US. Note the traditional horizontal dropouts.

Torelli 62 cm Countach

Front view. Note reinforcement rings brazed to the top and bottom of the head tube.

Torelli Countach

Torelli Countach rear view. Though most of the frame is Tig-welded, the use of an investment-cast bottom bracket shell makes for a stiffer bottom part of the frame.