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Vintage Components - Shimano Bottom Brackets

On this page: Shimano 600EX English-threaded bottom bracket

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In 1921 Shozaburo Shimano began making one-speed freewheels. Already Japan had a vigorous bicycle industry and despite a temporary shutdown in 1929 caused by the great depression, by 1939 Shimano was making more than a million freewheels a month. From that start, Shimano has now become a multinational manufacturer of not only bicycle components, but also fishing tackle and other sporting goods.

But it is bicycle equipment that drives the company. In 2013 Shimano had sales of 2.6 billion U.S. dollars. And bicycle components were 75% of the firm's business. It is thought that Shimano production constitutes about half of all the world's bicycle component sales.

For the past thirty years, Shimano had striven to stay on the cutting edge of cycling technology and consistently maintains a high standard of quality control.

Shimano 600EX bottom bracket. 68mm spindle w/ English threaded cups (1.37 x 24)- used, $70.00

Shimano 600EX bottom brackets were produced in the mid-1980s. The cups have seals that generally keep water from getting into the bearings.

Ours is in great condition, with nice smooth bearing surfaces. We have high-quality bearings in stock for this bottom bracket.

Shimano 600 ex bottom bracket

The "VIA" seen on this spindle, and all Shimano parts, stands for "Vehicle Inspection Authority". It certifies compliance with certain Japanese quality standards.

Shimano 600EX bottom bracket

Exploded view showing the smooth bearing surfaces