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Cycle Components - Wellgo pedals

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Wellgo cleats are posted here.

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Wellgo is a highly respected Taiwan component maker, established in 1980.

Wellgo WAM-R2 pedal set. New, $75.00

Part# 65261

Comes with two sets of cleats:

  • Look-drilled red-plastic cleats with steel inserts at the points of wear
  • Steel cleats for shoes drilled for Shimano SPD-R

This is a modestly-priced, versatile set of pedals.

  • Adjustable cleat release tension
  • Four degrees of lateral rotation (float)

Wllgo WAM R2 pedals

Comes with two sets of cleats for either Look-drilled shoes or Shimano SPD-R compatible shoes.

Wellgo W-40 clipless pedal set. Used

Here is the manufacturer's description: The Wellgo W-40 Clipless Road Pedals bring clipless road performance to the budget conscious cyclist. The W-40 pedals feature a sturdy aluminum body and a cromoly spindle with loose ball bearings. This SPD-SL compatible pedal comes with the 3-bolt cleats to match, or can be used with your existing Shimano SPD-SL cleats. With the Wellgo W-40, you don't have to break the bank to be King of the Road.

Cleats are NOT included with these pedals, but we do have them in stock. If you need a set, please be sure to ask.

We have two sets, both used: Set #1 | Set #2

Wellgo W-40 pedal set #1. Used, $40.00

Wellgo-w-40 pedals

Set number one is barely used

Wellgo W-40 pedal set #2. Used, $40.00

Wllgo w-40 pedals

A simple clipless pedal set with cleat tension adjustablitlity

Wellgo AC-703 SPD pedal set. Used, $30.00

  • Completely compatible with Shimano SPD cleats
  • Aluminum body
  • Cro-moly axle
  • Sealed bearings
  • 270 grams/pair
  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • They will work with shoes that have recessed cleats.

Wellgo AC-703

Being single-sided, they are very light.

Performance CP-300 Look-compatible road pedal set. Used, $30.00

These pedals were made for Performance bicycle stores. We are not positive that they were made by Wellgo. They could be Exustar production or from one of the other high-quality Taiwan factories.

CP 300 pedals

Look compatible, for a low price.