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Vintage Components - Weinmann Brakes

On this page: 500 sidepull brake calipers | 730 sidepull brake calipers

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Weinmann was a Swiss bicycle component manufacturer that began making parts in 1933. Based in the northern Switzerland town of Schaffhaussen, the firm was incredibly successful in supplying European and American bike companies (in the U.S., notably Schwinn) with their core products: side- and center-pull brakes. Weinmann also made cantilever brake calipers, rims and cranks. Though a Swiss firm, Weinmann had factories in Switzerland, Belgium, West Germany and the USA.

Because their brakes were very well-designed and made as well as competitively priced, it seemed that nearly all mid-range bikes from Europe (except some French and Italian makers, who chose Mafac or Universal) came with Weinmann brakes.

It's hard to exactly date the firm's demise, but with the shift of production of consumer bikes to the far east as well as Weinmann's basic failure to update its product, its end was inevitable. Some time in the early 1990s Weinmann ceased to exist.

The side-pull calipers came in different reaches, 500mm for close-reach bikes with no fenders as well as 730, 810, 890 and 1020 mm reach. I've read of 400s, but never seen them. There was also a Weimann dual-pivot "Symetric" caliper made in the 1970s.

Weinmann 500 side-pull brake calipers with quick release. $35.00

Part# BR-55

Probably early 1980s, but hard to date them exactly.

These calipers have a minimum brake-pad reach of 43mm and a max of 56mm

Weinmann 500 brake calipers

These are simple, effective stoppers

Weinmann caliper


Weinmann brake quick release

The quick-release is simple

Weinmann brake caliper

These calipers were made in West Germany, back when there was a West Germany

Weinmann 730 side pull calipers. used $35.00

Part# BR-56

Weinmann 730 calipers were used on bikes needing larger clearances. These calipers had a brake pad reach of 56mm to 75mm.

This set of calipers is from the 1980s, given the black housing over the front small hexagonal extension of the center bolt. This was done to facilitate centering.

The rear caliper is currently set up for a step-through frame, with the housing coming in at the bottom. This is easily reversed. Weinmann brakes are very easy to work on.

Weinmann 730 calipers

These calipers have the hexagonal front centerbolt to facilitate centering.

Weinmann 730 calipers

From the back. The Cross-X pads have almost no wear.

Weinmann 730 caliper

The rear caliper showing the housing stop at the bottom. The cable clamp and housing stop are easily reversed.