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Vintage Components - SunTour Front Derailleurs

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On this page: SunTour Mountech | Sun Tour XC

SunTour MounTech clamp-on front derailleur, Early 1982-1984

Part# FD-80

The SunTour MounTech derailleurs were the first derailleurs specifically designed for mountain bikes. They were revolutionary in their design and function.

SunTour Mounteach front derailleur

Our SunTour MounTech front changer is in lovely condition

SunTour Mountech front derailleur

Another view showing how little wear this derailleur has

SunTour XC wide-range front derailleur, approximately 1985. New old stock. $45.00

This is a 28.6 clamp-on front derailleur made for bottom-pull. It was designed to handle up to a 22-tooth chainring difference.

We have two, both new old stock: XC front #1 | #2

Suntour XC front derailleur #1. New old stock. $45.00

Part# FD-81-01

XC front derailleur

This lovely, well-designed derailleur has been waiting decades to be part of your bike

Suntour XC front derailleur

Top view

Suntour XC front derailleur #2. New old stock. $45.00

Part# FD-81-02

SunTour XC front derailleur

The 1980s SunTour XC derailleurs exhibited simple, clean, reliable design

SunTour CX rear derailleur

Another shot of the XC front derailleur