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Vintage Components - SunTour shift levers

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SunTour Superbe clamp-on downtube friction shift levers. barely used. $80.00

Part# SL-51

SunTour's part#: LD-3200

These are light (65 grams), simple, beautifully designed downtube friction shift levers.

Superbe parts were made from 1977-1985. These are probably from the early 1980s, before they were replaced with Superbe Pro.

SunTour Superbe downtube shifters

Simple, clean & neat.

SunTour Superbe shifters

And just as nice from the back.

SunTour Accushift Plus 7-speed clamp-on down-tube shifters. New old stock. $40.00

SunTour accushift plus shifters

With cables, hardware and original packaging.

Suntour Sprint Power Ratchet braze-on downtube friction shifters. New Old Stock. $60.00

Part# SL-50

These shifters date to the mid-to-late 1980s. SunTour's part number for these levers is LD-4850.

They have, to use the Simplex term, a retrofriction clutch so that there is no lever resistance as the lever is pulled. Just some small "clicks". Then, when pushing on the lever with the derailleur spring pulling, there is some friction resistance in the lever. These are about as easy and effortless to use as any levers that have been made.

And, they look great.

Included is the original (and new) set of braided gear cables.

SunTour Sprint shifters

Simple, neat and elegant. Hard to believe there is a power-ratchet mechanism in these levers. But there is.

SunTour Sprint shifters

The lever backs (textured for a nice grip) and the braided cables.

Suntour Symmetric MK-II downtube shifters. used. $30.00

SunTour part number LD-2300

Produced early 1980s.

These friction levers require a single water-bottle type braze-on to mount them.

This lever set has some serious fans because as the right lever shifted the rear derailleur, an internal cam moved the left lever, automatically trimming the front derailleur, usually eliminating front derailleur chain rub.

SunTour Symmetric levers

The lever set sits on top of the downtube. Note we have the special allen fixing bolt.

SunTour sSymmetric levers

From the bottom, showing the cam mechanism that trims the front derailleur.

SunTour XC Pro 7-Speed Thumbshifters. New old stock, $125.00

SunTour SC pro 7-speed shifters

New old stock, in the original box.

SunTour XC Ltd 7-Speed Thumbshifters. New old stock, $80.00

Suntour XC litd thumbshifter

New old stock, in the original box.